Membership Championship

2019 - 2020 Member Championship Series

Eagles Golf Club Members,

The past Eagles Member Championship Series have been huge successes with each year improving from the last, so this year it should show to be an even greater success. The staff is already preparing for each event to make it the best series yet, so members make sure to mark your calendars because this will be one series you wouldn't want to miss!

The tournament series will begin with the battle for the parking spaces also known as the Club Championship
and will end with the friendly Member-Member Tournament.

The Dates for the Events are as followed:

Club Championship November 2nd & 3rd, 2019
Member-Guest February 1st & 2nd, 2020
Member-Member March 14th & 15th, 2020

The Eagles Golf Club thanks everyone that played the past series and invites all members to join in this upcoming series.

**If interested in becoming a member or just in need of more information, please call the Pro Shop at (813)-920-6681 ext. 1.**

Past Series Results

2019 Club Championship Series

The Eagles Golf Club would like to thank all of their members who participated in this year's Club Championship.  We hope everyone had a fantastic time and enjoyed this year's event. We had a slightly larger turnout this year and along with  some beautiful weather, some tough competition and some nailbiting excitement, it made out for an awesome championship!

We would like to give a big congratulations to all the winners!

The Dates for the Events are as followed:

Flight Winner
Men's Gross Don Reagan
Men's Net Mitch Morel
Senior's Gross Leo Kirkner
Senior's Net Dan Pohto
Ladies' Gross Carol Brown
Ladies' Net Jackie Kemp

This year was a great success from the conditions of the golf courses to the delicious food and don't forget about the great prizes and gifts!  We are already hard at work to make the next event in this series even better, so Members please don't forget to sign up now for the Member Guest Championship coming this winter on February 1st & 2nd!

2020 Member-Guess Championship

The Eagles Golf Club wants to give a big CONGRATULATIONS to the winning teams of the 2020 Member-Guest!
We thank everyone who participated in this years event!

The placing teams are as followed:

The Dates for the Events are as followed:

Flight & Overall Place Team Members
Jones Flight Winners &

Overall Champions

Scott Muntean &

Jeff Roy

Nicklaus Flight Winners &

Runner Ups

Mitch Morel &

Tom Wille

Palmer Flight Winners &

2nd Runner Ups

Ron Geni &

Bob Kenyon

Hogan Flight Winners &

3rd Runner Ups

Jay Upton &

Jay Hendricks

Player Flight Winners &

Tied 4th Runner Ups

Ray Artz &

Marty Rowan

Snead Flight Winners &

Tied 4th Runner Ups

Dennis Cascio &

Rose Cascio

Sadly, the 2019-2020 Membership Championship Series is already coming  to an end. So far, each event has been a big hit with all participants. The staff has been working hard everyday to improve all aspects of the club and the events, which will make the last event of this year, the Member-Member, even better. This event will take place on March 14 & 15, 2020, so members make sure to sign up now! 

2020 Member-Member Championship

The 2020 Eagles Member-Member was a great turnout this year with the largest turnout so far. The Eagles Golf Club would like to first thank everyone who participated in this years event. The weather was beautiful which led to some great playing by all teams.

Congratulations to all the winners this weekend! The Flight winners and overall champion are as followed.

The Dates for the Events are as followed:

Flight and Overall Place Team Members
Forest Flight Winners &

Overall Champions

Bill McCarthy &

Mead Myers

Eagles Flight Winners &

Runner Ups

Steve Moore &

Hector Colon

Lakes Flight Winners &

2nd Runner Ups

Carol Brown &

Jackie Kemp

This event concludes the 2019-2020 Membership Championship Series. The Eagles Golf Club thanks everyone who participated in any of the events in this series. We are glad to say that each year just keeps getting better, so we are already hard at work to keep the tradition and make the 2020-2021 Championship series better then this one. We invite all members to participate in the next series and hope to see new faces.