Golf Instruction

We have a team of extremely experienced and talented golf professionals who host both limited seating clinics and individual lessons. 

Focused on Fun

We are really, really great golf instructors, AND we are super, super fun. This doesn’t have to be dull and boring and difficult. Golf CAN BE FUN!

As Often As You'd Like

In addition to 4 private lessons a month, we offer UNLIMITED golf instructions at our clinics where you can improve anything from putting - to chipping and driving - or blasting out of bunkers. 

What Fellow Golfers are Saying about FunGolf

I’ve been a member of FunGolf for a few months now. It is an awesome organization. I was brand new to golf when I joined. Coach Victor has taught me so much, he has a unique way of explaining things that I find easy to understand and easy to incorporate into my game. The other coaches and members have been very welcoming as well and don’t judge anyone for being new. I’ve made many friends and plan to stick around.

-Tracy G, FunGolf.Club member

I am a 60-year old woman who is a brand new golfer, and has a dominant hand with reduced functionality. I mention that because it has been, surprisingly, almost a non-issue. And the reason it has been pretty much a non-issue is because of the awesome attitude and knowledge of Victor, the golf instructor who runs Fun Golf @ the Eagles! I cannot sing Vic’s praises enough. He is a phenomenal instructor who is able to alter his teaching style for students, as necessary. He quickly honed in on how best to teach me, does not allow me to be discouraged, and never tires of reiterating what I need to do until I get it. He is funny and a great cheerleader, all of which keeps what could be a frustrating endeavor a lot of fun, and keeps me wanting to learn and get better! Do yourself a favor, and check out FunGolf @ The Eagles….You will be so happy you did. 

-Cherie B, FunGolf.Club member

My personal experience working with Coach Vic at the Eagles has been Stellar.  Just in the past few months of 2021 I have made significant improvement to my golf swing and overall knowledge of a proper golf swing.   I have been playing golf for the last twenty years shooting mid 90's and have broken 90 several times but very infrequently.  This has all been due to just hand eye coordination and whatever natural athletic ability I could drum up to hit the ball. Never a pretty swing and always knew it was not a proper golf swing until NOW! Coach Vic has improved and changed easily and gradually my posture at address, my takeaway and swing plain, my tempo, chipping, control pitch shots and putting.  By far the most important fundamental he has improved for me that no one has ever shared was how to properly turn and rotate my "Right Hip" to initiate the swing and create more power and accuracy.  ( I have always shifted my weight to my front foot and the right hip followed- Wrong!)  Why no instructor has never identified that as a flaw in my swing is just amazing to me.  I am excited about my golf game and continuing to work with Coach Vic out on the course and the range to help get me to a 10-12 handicap vs the 20+ world I have been living in.   I highly recommend him and would be glad to speak with anyone about his program.

John McCabe, FunGolf.Club member

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