Golf Instruction

We have a team of extremely experienced and talented golf professionals who host both limited seating clinics and individual lessons. 

Focused on Fun

We are really, really great golf instructors, AND we are super, super fun. This doesn’t have to be dull and boring and difficult. Golf CAN BE FUN!

As Often As You'd Like

In addition to 4 private lessons a month, we offer UNLIMITED golf instructions at our clinics where you can improve anything from putting - to chipping and driving - or blasting out of bunkers. 

What Fellow Golfers are Saying about FunGolf

Wendy is an amazing instructor. As a US Kids Golf Tour Director, High School Golf Coach, father of 4 junior golfers and a former college golfer I have seen a lot of golf professionals interact with students, but have never seen anyone combine the technical aspects with mental coaching and a true passion and commitment to helping players improve the way that Wendy does. What I’ve learned from her personally has been extremely valuable.

-Richard R, US Kids Golf Tour Director

Wendy is not only a great instructor she is a genuine person. My golf game was in the low 80’s to high 70’s, a bit all over the place and she got me shooting in the high 60’s. She is not super technical like most, her simple approach to golf makes it easy. She is an all around great mentor and coach. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to take there game to the next level or someone who is just learning. Wendy thank you for being you!

-Douglas F, Golfing enthusiast

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The 8 Fundamentals to Putting Performance

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8 Fundamentals of Putting Performance

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