Eagles Ladies Golf Association

The 2017-2018 will begin on October 3rd, 2017 and will run till the middle of May 2018.  The ELGA league plays every Tuesday morning at 9 AM and is always welcoming new player, so if you're looking to play or just interested, call the Eagles Pro Shop today!

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Below you will find the results for the this season:

February 20, 2018
Janice Petley 1st Place
Kathleen Aldridge-Cooper 2nd Place
Sue Kouwe 3rd Place
Janet Emery 4th Place
Arlene Rizzolo 5th Place
Donna Brown 6th Place


February 13, 2018
Michiko Shimado 1st Place
Jane Ericson 2nd Place
Ellie Sabol 3rd Place
Jane Branchick 4th Place
Arlene Rizzolo 5th Place
Kiki Dayton 6th Place
Janice Petley 7th Place


February 6, 2018
Arlene Rizzolo 1st Place
Francoise McKean T-2nd Place
Donna Brown T-2nd Place
Jeri Martin 4th Place
Jane Ericson 5th Place
Misook Gregg 6th Place


January 30 2018
Jane Branchick T-1st Place
Janet Emery T-1st Place
Ann Ferguson 3nd Place
Jeri Martin 4th Place


January 16, 2018
Linda Rossy 1st Place
Diane Caruk 2nd Place
Kiki Dayton 3nd Place
Terry Nguyen 4th Place
Jeri Martin 5th Place
Jane Ericson 6th Place


January 9, 2018
Jeri Martin 1st Place
Linda Rossy 2nd Place
Arlene Rizzolo 3nd Place
Ann Ferguson T-4th Place
Janet Kruger T-4th Place
Ellie Deane 6th Place


December 26, 2017
2 Person Blind Draw
Jane Ericson & Barbera Sandstrom 1st Place
Linda Davidson & Jeri Martin 2nd Place
Ellie Sabol & Janet Emery 3nd Place


December 19, 2017
Nancy Hansel 1st Place
Chong Ward 2nd Place
Arlene Rizzolo 3nd Place
Ellie Sabol T-4th Place
Jane Branchick T-4th Place
Dee Palkevich 6th Place


December 5, 2017
Barb Richer 1st Place
Misook Gregg T-2nd Place
Barb Sandstrom T-2nd Place
Dee Palkevich 4th Place
Chong Ward 5th Place
Linda Rossy 6th Place
Janet Dinarello 7th Place


November 14, 2017
Chong Ward 1st Place 63
Barb Sandsrtom 2nd Place 61
Nancy Hansel 3rd Place 60
Misook Gregg T-4th Place 59
Linda Rossy T-4th Place 59
Arlene Rizzolo 6th Place 56


November 7, 2017
Pat Webber 1st Place 70
Chong Ward 2nd Place 66
Barb Sandstrom T-3rd Place 65
Veronica Chan T-3rd Place 65
Terry Nguyen 5th Place 63
Sue Kouwe 6th Place 60


October 31, 2017
Chong Ward 1st Place 62
Janet Emery 2nd Place 53
Nancy Hansel 3rd Place 52


October 10, 2017
Linda Davidson 1st Place 59
Ann Ferguson 1st Place 59
Sue Kouwe 3rd Place 56
Arlene Rizzolo 4th Place 54


October 3, 2017
Linda Rossy 1st Place 59
Arlene Rizzolo T-2nd Place 57
Janet Krueger T-2nd Place 57
Chong Ward T-4th Place 51
Pat Webber T-4th Place 51



If you are interested in joining the E.L.G.A. League or have any questions regarding the league,
call the Eagles Pro Shop at (813)-920-6681